Friday, October 14, 2011

Steak Roundup!!

My husband has a serious love for steaks and for the most part I share this love (except for those years during law school when I was a vegetarian; this life change went over GREAT with my West Texas family whose life is based around farming, ranching, and eating meat). Any who, Dusty and I have seriously high standards in the meat department and it took quite a bit of work before we were able to find a place that could cook a steak. So to save my readers some trouble I have compiled a list of our favorite places to get a good steak in Shreveport/Bossier:

1. Village Grille
If money is no object then this is your place! The selection, service and quality are unparalleled. This restaurant competes with the best in any major city in the U.S. and is leaps and bounds above anything else in town. My words could never convey how amazing this place is. I feel comfortable saying that hands down this is the best restaurant in Shreveport/Bossier as well as the best place for an amazing steak. You will have to lay down a serious chunk of change but it will be worth every dime and I guarantee you will not leave disappointed. The menu changes nightly and is presented entirely from memory by your waiter. It is located on Louisiana Avenue and has a prohibition era charm to it. Its just so cozy and intimate I feel like I should smoke a cigar and watch Al Capone sip on a martini at the table next to us.  Make sure to make a reservation as the tables are limited and fill up fast.

2. The Cub Restaurant
This is a hole in the wall if there ever was one. The Cub is actually a bar that has been around for decades and is extremely casual. It is located behind Broadmoor Garage near the intersection of Kings and Youree. The restaurant is inside the bar in a very small room. You are hereby warned that reservations are necessary, especially on the weekend because there are only about 8 tables. Although they serve some of the best steaks in town expect a very casual environment (although not casual dining prices). Think onion rings or fried mushrooms for an appetizer. The service is great and the atmosphere is cozy. The cub is our main choice for a great steak, service and atmosphere. And the potatoes au gratin will make you want to slap your husband. (At least they had that effect on me.)

3. Texas Street Steakhouse
This is a shout-out to Bossier City. TSS is located near the corner of Texas Street and Airline Hwy in a somewhat hidden building in the parking lot of Michaels. If this sounds like a weird location that's because it is. However, once you step inside all is right with the world. The service is excellent and the filet was possibly the best one Dusty or I had ever had; tender with amazing flavor. A source tells me you can ask for it with lump crab meat on top and lets face it....crab makes everything better. TSS is fairly priced for a steak house and well worth the trip to Bossier. 

4. Superior Steakhouse
What can I say, this is what we locals simply refer to as "The Steakhouse". SS is the full service Steakhouse you would expect in a bigger city. They offer valet parking, a large bar and lounge area with couches and fireplace and all around upscale dining. It has a great bar which is our favorite thing about The Steakhouse. They usually have a piano player during happy hour and on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays they have happy hour 2 for 1 Mixed Drinks which is the way to go because SS will run you a pretty penny for a full meal and drinks. The food is consistently good and you really haven't lived until you have had their lobster bisque.

5. Wine Country
When all else fails, go to Wine Country. They brand themselves as a Wine Bistro and always have a great selection of food in case someone in your party wants something besides a steak. WC prides themselves on serving seasonal food so you can always guarantee that your meal will be fresh and unique. I recommend a cheese tray with pre-dinner cocktails as their cheeses are always interesting and fun to share. Their steaks are consistently satisfying and WC is a hands down favorite of mine.

Did I leave off your favorite steak joint? Let me know in the comments below!


Teresa said...

I was wondering if you'd ever post again or had given up the food blogging business entirely! I was so happy to see this new post about one of my favorite entrees -- STEAK. Especially since I haven't eaten at any of the places you mentioned above. I had heard before that they are all fantastic, but the "pretty penny" part has always scared us off. The Cub is at the top of our list to try. The best steak that we've gotten in town (so far) has been from Saltgrass Steakhouse on the Boardwalk...reasonably priced, and dang good to us, but compared to the places you listed above, it might taste like hamburger, we just don't know.

LB said...

I have eaten at the Longhorn on Youree and had the bone-in ribeye. That was pretty tasty and moderately priced. Can't afford the Village, but will try the Wine Country.
Love your blog!

David Specht Jr. said...

I had the privilege of eating a Ribeye at Ernest's last week. It may just have been the best I've ever eaten. Worth your time for sure.